SERVICE M3U IPTV LINK 12 MONTHS of the first professional mediators of IPTV Provider on the World You will be delighted by our great service.
BUY IPTV leader at the mediation for IPTV Services during the past few years. Our outstanding price-performance ratio has so far convinced more than 500.000.customers.
you will receive your order at a great price, in a safe way, and as fast as possible!

NB: The subscription code will be sent by email after receipt of payment

* Refunds are not allowed if the code is activated
Where we can not resell it after use

* IPTV subscription requires a download speed greater than or equal to 400 Kb / s.


Phone : (+212)633279590

skype : salahrasmi

Payment mode:

Paypal/Bank transfer/ Western Union, Moneygram, Skrill


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